Prediction Edition: $60 with WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING

Mindreading Edition : $60 with WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING

Both Versions: $100 with WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING

There are 195 countries in the world today.
And you can create mental miracles with them!

Welcome to "195 Maps" Book Test, a set of two new book test that offers you not just new word revelations, but several other visual options.

The book looks completely innocent (pocketbook size, full color), but hold special secrets for you to use.

With the Prediction Edition you will be able to:

Offer the book to your participant open ANYWHERE 
Let him decide in one country.
You can reveal it and give away the prediction!

No extra gimmicks
100% Hands off
No Peeks

With the Mindreading Edition you will be able to:

Let the participant select ANY page 
You KNOW INSTANTLY which country he is thinking.

No Memory Work
Nothing named outloud
Direct and simple method
No Forces
No extra cribs 

You can get each one individually or both for a special price!

Add the "195 Maps" Book Test to your repertoire and add new moments of Mentalism to your act!  

• • •